How Did Rick Santorum Actually Vote?

Romney Super PAC, Restore Our Future, have released an attack ad asking, “how did Rick Santorum actually vote?” According to the ad, “Santorum voted to raise the debt limit 5 times. And for billions in wasteful projects including the “Bridge To Nowhere”. In a single session, Santorum co-sponsored 51 bills to increase spending and 0 to cut spending. Santorum even voted to raise his own pay. And joined Hilary Clinton to let convicted felons vote. Rick Santorum – Big spender, Washington insider.” This ad can be seen on national cable shows and in Michigan, Arizona, and Ohio.

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One Response to How Did Rick Santorum Actually Vote?

  1. Anthony Guizzetti says:

    I now know commercials can sway peoples vote. I was going to give you my vote but after the commercial where it said, you and Hillary voted to let convicts vote, I was appalled. Is this true and if not why haven’t you challenged this?

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