Rick Santorum Says Mitt Romney Has Mislead Us On Health Care

Rick Santorum was on “Meet The Press” yesterday and claimed Mitt Romney has mislead us. “Governor Romney actually advocated for the Massachusetts model that President Obama adopted with mandates, and then went out on the campaign trail and repeatedly didn’t tell the truth,” Santorum said. “He went out and misled the voters that somehow or other he was not for mandates on a federal level, when in fact he was.” Santorum explained, “”He went out and said, ‘Oh no. I didn’t require Catholic hospitals to provide things that were against their conscience,’ when in fact he did. He said, ‘Oh, I didn’t provide free abortions under Romneycare,’ when in fact he did for some. So he’s repeatedly had big government solutions and then gone out and told the public, bald face, that he didn’t do the things that he did.” Santorum didn’t go as far as calling Romney a liar, instead saying, “he didn’t say what was the truth.”

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