Obamamania and Hillary visits Iraq

Senator Barack  Obama has annonced that he is forming an exploratory commitee  (Exploratory Committee) to see if he should run for President.  He is representing himself as a fresh new face in Washington.  He plans on formally declaring his candidacy on Feb. 10 in Springfield, Ill., in the shadow of Abraham Lincoln’s home, Mr. Obama will strive to make the point that America’s 16th president did not have much government experience either, but led the nation through one of its most trying times.  Will his fresh face last, or will we tire of him by Nov. 3 like other fresh faces before him?  And we can also count on the right attacking Obama,  for his limited experience.  Even though Bush’s only experience was as Governor of Texas, a ceremonial position at best  Also I have heard on right wing radio the stories of Obama being a fraud and a closet Muslim.  These are bullshit, but lies told often enough can somehow become the truth.  For some truth about this story please check out this story on snopes.com http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/muslim.asp .   I still have some doubt that America will vote  for a black man with a name like Obama, one letter different from Osama.  Also his middle name is Hussein, mighty similar to a man involved in a nasty little hanging last week.  And If they won’t vote for a black man, would they vote for a Woman?  Hillary, one of the most hated, most admired woman in America, just returned from a trip to Iraq.  She seems to be leaning more towards a critic of this war, as she moves closer to announcing her own intentions of running for President.  She returned with new plans to place limits on the White House’s conduct in the war.  She also called Bush’s plan to send more troops to Iraq “a losing strategy”.   Meanwhile Republican front runner McCain can catch nothing but bad press lately.  He currently is in a bit of a spat with the  Christian right about a few of his views.  I believe it would be in his best interest to smile and carry on, but he likely will try to appease them only to fail.  This is helping out the conservative faction of the republicans, Mitt Romney, and Duncan Hunter.  On a positive note for the Republicans G.O.P. chairman Ken Mehlman said goodbye at a gathering.  Little was mentioned of the losses faced in the last election under his chairmanship.  I always felt he was one smug little dick, and will not miss him a bit.  Now he has time for himself and can finally come out of the closet.   Have a great day, and that was some political points for the day.


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