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This is a blog about politics, not about being fair or balanced. I lean back in my chair and relax, not forward. I invite others to send in stuff, maybe that will balance me out, and make me lean forward. You can send your commentary to fantasypoliticsusa@yahoo.com and I will post it with your tagline. I also will post stuff from comments if they are interesting enough. We have links to several sources to keep you on top of all things political. On our pages you can find political ads and interviews from across the political spectrum. Most of the writings come straight from the politicians mouth, and we always try to include the video so you can hear them say this stuff for yourself. I don’t try to pick sides, I just want to point out these politicians for what they are; crooked ass, self-serving, politicians. For any historical documents related to US politics please check out the Legal Stuff page. If you want to find a candidates web site, YouTube page, blog, twitter page, facebook page, wiki page, and many other resources please check the 2012 Presidential candidates page. To keep up with the 2012 Republican race just visit our 2012 GOP Delegate count page with all the details of every state and candidates in the race. Our pages update daily.

History Of Fantasy Politics in the USA

During the 2008 campaign we had a Presidential Fantasy Game modeled after fantasy sports games. You could play with your friends or even by yourself. It rewarded points on a daily basis. You could pick 4 candidates to make your team from a list of about 40 Presidential candidates. Candidates earned points for doing all kinds of political stuff from interviews on T.V. to kissing babies in Iowa. I was the decider when it came to points, but I also allowed you to submit your thoughts on any of the candidates. We tried to make leagues but failed. It was this fantasy game that gave us our blogs name. For the 2012 election cycle we decided against re-running the game since it was way to time-consuming for just two people. When we started in 2007 there was only one other group doing anything like this. A group of students from Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, California had set up Fantasy Congress. This ran from 2006 to 2009. They awarded points based on legislative success, voting records and mentions in the news. In 2011 Keith Olbermann tried to claim he invented a new political fantasy game, but it was the same as ours except perverted with his liberal politics. In 2012 Fantasy Politics is the latest fad with at least three new versions starting in the first couple of months. One is on FaceBook, and another launched on March 9th. MTV and PolitiFact launched their version of Fantasy Politics in April of 2012. They call it “Fantasy Election,” saying it “makes sport of politics.” All I can say is imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We are proud to be the originals, and appreciate all you trying to make fantasy politics better. We wish you all good luck, except for Olbermann.

Presidential Idol

But that’s not all!! We also have the original and only Presidential Idol. We started with 20 Presidential candidates April 2011, and every month one more gets kicked off. We start fresh on the first of each month with one less candidate. On November 2012 you will pick the next Presidential Idol from this list. You can vote as often as you like. We also had Presidential Idol for the 2008 election cycle and Ron Paul was crowned the very first Presidential Idol November of 2008. So come by and visit, vote for your favorite Presidential Idol, read some political hog wash, watch some political ads, or even write something for us. New for us since 2011 is a Fantasy Politics USA Twitter page which has tweets from the candidates, other politicians and the political pundits. You can keep up with Fantasy Politics on Twitter @FantasyPolitics and like us on facebook at www.facebook.com/FantasyPoliticsUSA


me at podium
Here is Alan Cosgrove at President Obama’s podium at a campaign event at Hillsborough Community College in Tampa, Florida. 6/22/2012

me at obama stand
This is Alan Cosgrove taking over candidate Barack Obama’s campaign podium. Notice I don’t need teleprompters to yell nonsense.

me Santorum
Alan Cosgrove and Rick Santorum backstage at the CNN/Tea Party debate 9/12/2011.

Me and Newt
Alan Cosgrove with Newt Gingrich and his wife Callista during rehearsals for the CNN/Tea Party debate.

Alan and Dave debating

Often politics comes up while at work with Alan Cosgrove. Here he is debating with Dave Jones at a secret practice location in Clearwater, Florida for then candidate Obama during the the 2008 elections. This set was built as an exact replica for the first debate between John McCain and Barack Obama. Obama practiced for the debate at these podiums with McCain sit-ins. Alan is standing at Obama’s podium.


Alan Cosgrove …….Editorial content and writer.
Certifiable political junkie who has followed politics since at least 1978 when they gave him the right to vote. Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Florida. Graduate work from U.F. and the University of South Florida in political science and theory. Pays his bills by working as a union stagehand and traveling video technician. Member I.A.T.S.E. Local #321.

Stephen Cosgrove….In charge of Promotions and game designs.
He is a freelance writer based in Atlanta, Georgia, with work on several blogs. During the 2012 election cycle Stephen joined the crew at the Huffington Post as a freelancer, and currently works with them fulltime. He has an Associate’s Degree in Theater Arts and a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical and Professional Writing from the University of South Florida. Being 25, single, and the proud father of two cats, he is well on his way to becoming that weird guy in your neighborhood of whom legends are made. Nostradamus predicted that if Stephen makes it on Survivor 26, he will be the unanimous winner.

Always looking for new team members. No pay, no fun, just pure unadulterated politics. Just like writing about sausage making. If you are interested give your political story to us and we will print it with your byline. If you do it enough (more than once), we might even just consider you a team member. Email us at fantasypoliticsusa@yahoo.com.

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