President Trump Says Nancy Pelosi Will Go Down As One Of The Worst Speakers In The History Of Our Country

President sat down for an interview with Laura Ingraham. Trump accuses Nancy Pelosi of belittling the impeachment process.

INGRAHAM:  When we talk about impeachment now, it looks like McConnell is agreeing with Josh Hawley’s proposition —

TRUMP:  Good.

INGRAHAM:  — to dismiss these articles of impeachment if Pelosi doesn’t send them over. My question to you is, why not have them dismissed today? Why would McConnell just say, we’re done with these games? Or do you want a trial —

TRUMP:  Well, in many ways I’d like a trial and I’d love to have sleepy Joe Biden, I’d love to have his son. I call him, where’s Hunter. I’ve change his first name to where, where’s Hunter.

I’d love to have the whistleblower who wrote a fake report. The whistleblower is a person that is — you know who the whistleblower is? By the way, everybody knows who the whistleblower is —


INGRAHAM:  The whistleblower is still working in the White House?

TRUMP:  Everybody — I don’t want to say, but everybody knows about the whistleblower and they know about the whistleblower’s lawyer. But then do you remember, there was a second whistleblower.

I want to know what happened to the second whistleblower, what happened to the informer? Remember that, an informer. They all disappeared when I gave the transcript because I gave the transcript and that blew everything apart because we have an accurate — and the only thing covered by the hearings was that now people agree — everybody, even our great lieutenant colonel — please call him lieutenant colonel.

Our great lieutenant colonel agrees that the transcript was accurate. I think he had one word different, we changed the one word — it meant absolutely nothing — the transcript was professionally done by the best people there are —


TRUMP:  Just one second.

So we have a transcript, they never thought I’d release it — they probably never thought I had it. I can only say thank goodness they had it. Because I — otherwise I would’ve been falsely accused and it would’ve been sadly my word against them.

But we had other people on that call — think of this; I was going to do something wrong on a call where I know there are many people listening.

INGRAHAM:  Always.

TRUMP:  The President of Ukraine said I did absolutely nothing wrong, he said I had no pressure whatsoever. He didn’t even know what we were talking about.

And we called them before I released the transcript — because it’s a terrible thing to have to release the conversation with a leader from another country, it’s a terrible thing. I mean what are other counties other than Ukraine, what are they saying? So anyway, they have no case (ph) —

INGRAHAM:  Why not call Bolton, why not allow him to testify? This thing is bogus —


TRUMP:  I will have no problem other than one thing. You can’t be in the White House as president — future; I’m talking about future — many future presidents, and have a security advisor — anybody having to do with security handling though (ph) and other things.


INGRAHAM:  — that privilege? 

TRUMP:  Well, I think you have to for the sake of the office. I would love everybody to testify. I’d like Mick to testify, I’d like Mike Pompeo to testify, I’d like Rick Perry to testify, I want everybody — but there are things that you can’t do from the standpoint of executive privilege.

You have to maintain that. So, we’ll see where it all goes. But especially, a national security advisor — you can’t have him explaining all of your statements about national security concerning Russia, China, and North Korea — everything — we just can’t do that.

INGRAHAM:  How about (inaudible)?

TRUMP:   I think for the good of the others. Look, Nancy Pelosi will go down as probably the least successful Speaker of the House in the history of our nation. She has done nothing, the only thing she’s done is she finally got done one of the best trade deals our country has ever made to USMCA, that’s with Mexico and Canada — but I did that.

She doesn’t even know what it says — she has no idea what it says. She was forced to do that — you know why? She wouldn’t have done it, but she did nothing. So now she can say I signed something.

She is obsessed with impeachment, she has done nothing. She is going to go down as one of the worst Speakers in the history of our country. Now, in all fairness, she’s hurting our country. She’s very bad for our country.

And she’s become a crazed lunatic. But she will go down as — I think maybe the worst speaker in the history of our country.

INGRAHAM:  How do you get —

TRUMP:  And she will be overthrown pretty soon because she’s doing very little and the people are tired of it. And she’s controlled by the radical left. She’s controlled by AOC, she’s controlled by this Tlaib — that’s another great one — and she’s controlled by Omar. That’s who is controlling her, the radical left.

INGRAHAM:  We just heard that they are thinking about adding another article on impeachment, they’re floating this, to include the events over the last few weeks.

Here’s what Chuck Schumer just said:

TRUMP:  So they can’t win an election that’s going to take place in 10 months, they know that, and they only thing they can do — it’s like with their Congressman Green, when he said, we can’t beat him, we have to impeach him.

And they all know that. They’re making things up. This is the craziest thing anyone’s ever seen, and the two articles that they put in, as you know, they’re not crimes, they’re not — they’re not even allowed to be put in. It’s a disgrace.

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