President Trump Hopes It’s Biden So He Can Ask Him Where’s Hunter At The Debate Nine Times

President Trump at a rally last night claims he want Joe Biden as his opponent.

” I said that we have to have “Where’s Hunter?” as a witness. They said, “What do you mean ‘Where’s Hunter?'” I said that’s his first name. I have now made his first name ‘Where’s?’ Where’s Hunter? Here is a guy who made no money, got thrown out of the military or I think the Navy, got thrown out, had no job, had no nothing and went from that to making millions of dollars a year as soon as Sleepy Joe became vice president. He made millions of dollars a year. Would anybody in this room do that for millions — I would.

He made millions and millions of dollars a year. Ukraine took care of him. How about China? He walked out with $1.5 billion to manage and he never did it before. He didn’t know anything about oil and gas and he was making a fortune. So where is Hunter? Where the hell are you Hunter?

I will tell you I sort of hope it’s Joe because he will hear “Where’s Hunter?” every single debate nine times a debate. “

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