2 Cool YouTube Videos For Ron Paul

Here’s a couple of grassroots YouTube videos created for Presidential candidate Ron Paul. The first one is from YouTube user bossobass, and he says Ron Paul inspired him to register to vote and put this video together.

The second video was created by YouTube user radiofriendly, and he says Ron Paul is the one candidate that stands firmly against the Iraq war.

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2 Responses to 2 Cool YouTube Videos For Ron Paul

  1. FURBjr says:

    I liked the first advertisment best. Looks good. I wish I had a faster connection. I live in a rural area and my DSL is really slow. Still faster than Hughesnet.

  2. Aaron says:

    I made the video by “radiofriendly” –didn’t know how to say thanks…but, yeah, thanks for posting my video…I’ve never been inspired to support a candidate before…Ron just seems like such an honest and truthful person (agree w/ him or not) I don’t agree w/ all of his stands…but he is a real live patriot–and has my vote (and donation too) – Aaron

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