Rick Santorum Says Mitt Romney Can’t Win A Fair Fight

Rick Santorum stopped by Sean Hannity last night to discuss the campaign trail. One of the reason he did so well against Mitt Romney was because Romney didn’t spend a ton of money on negative ads this time around. In Florida Romney out spent his opponents 10 to 1 with negative ads. “This race has always been about Mitt Romney and his money beating up whoever got in his way. What you saw here, was in a sense a fair fight which is like what is it going to be like in the fall. He won’t have a five to one advantage over Barack Obama going into the fall election. At best it will be a fair fight. He can’t win a fair fight; he got trumped in a fair fight,” Santorum told Hannity.

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1 Response to Rick Santorum Says Mitt Romney Can’t Win A Fair Fight

  1. FlaCracker says:

    I find it ironic that he thinks a campaign between Romney and Obama would have anything fair about it. They would spend a half billion $ on negative ads alone. Not one iota of truth would come from either side.

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