798 Days Since Senate Democrats Bothered To Pass A Budget

From the House Budget Committee;

Congressman Paul Ryan, Chairman of the House Budget Committee, told CNBC that: “The problem is we have not gotten any counter offers from our partners on the other side of the aisle. No budget from the Senate and no proposal from the White House that actually deals with this problem. The president’s budget dramatically increases the debt. He came out with a speech, which the CBO tells us they can’t score a speech. We really haven’t had any actual specific, credible alternatives from the other side of the aisle on how to achieve this. We put a lot of details out there, we are hoping our partners on the other side of the aisle do the same. I think we could do this by the end of the month’s time.”

Maria Bartiromo: It’s interesting what you are saying, I don’t know that most people understand that you haven’t gotten anything from the other side and some people in some corners, they would argue with that. Why haven’t you seen a budget proposal from the Senate side, for example and how long has it been?

Congressman Ryan: “It’s been about 800 days since the Senate bothered to pass a budget. Mind you, our law here requires every year for Congress to pass a budget by April 15. We have done that and they haven’t for about two years now. I think the reason they didn’t do this is because they don’t want to show the people the kind of tax increases they have in store for the American people and for the economy.

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