A Facebook Comment On Syria, Stand By For Cold War II

This comes from a comment section on an article about involvement with Syria. The author Kevin M.

Prob should be prepared for COLD WAR II
Russia made a 25 year deal to be the sole supplier of oil to China. Not to be traded in US dollars, aka petrodollars. The US crushed the Soviet Union’s economy; end of Cold War I. What comes around goes around.. Hopefully NOT !!
Syria is a stepping stone to Iran, the geography, Hello! + the bad asses in Israel. Don’t forget the Russia, China, Iran alliance my friend.
Syria, just another smokescreen to add to the confusion for the Fed announcement Sept 17 & Obamacare TAX implementation Oct 1; distract from the Muslim march on 9/11 & the anniversary of Benghazi.
It’s a Central world bank, UN thing.
FACT= REALITY= No guns + total amnesty (cannot electronically deposit non-citizen, no work permit individual’s pay into their bank account, duh) + Obamacare TAX (1/6 of the total US economy+ complete & total intelligence on each & every individual in the US) = attempting to turn the US into a Completely cashless society= absolutely NO privacy and NO freedom= complete & total control= slavery. The government WILL know completely everything u do, everything u purchase + when u purchased the item + everything u have + how much u have at ALL times. It’s not just your money, it IS YOUR freedom. If u fall for this one kiss any & all freedom u have or ever wanted to have goodbye.

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