Acorn Weighs In On The Election

The non-partisan, tax funded group ACORN has released two videos in support of their candidate Barack Obama. In the first video the Chief Organizer of Acorn, Bertha Lewis, wants to thank everyone who helped push back on the right wing smear campaign. She is referring to all the accusations that ACORN runs a fraudulent voter registration campaign. Acorn is currently being investigated in several states for voter fraud and are also linked to the banking crisis. Lewis and ACORN would like you to think this is all just a campaign to suppress voters, and that ACORN represents what is good in America. The second video infers that John McCain wants to suppress the black vote, and has history of doing so. This is ACORN’s first ever ad. According to them they link McCain “to historic denials of voting rights.” Remember, your tax dollars are paying for this swiftboat style stuff.

Here are two videos from ACORN;

“Bertha Lewis Says Thanks and Vote Working Families”

and ACORN’s attack ad “Not This Time;”

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