Al Gore Nominated For Being Noble, and McCain Blasts A General

Rumors are going around about Al Gore, first the Oscar nominated documentary, and now a 2007 Nobel Peace Prize nominee. What’s next, the President ? Rolling Stone Magazine says this about Al Gore, “the ideal candidate for the Democrats may be the man who won the popular vote in 2000 — and who opposed the war in Iraq from the very start.” John McCain blasted General George Casey who led the Iraq war for 2 and half years. McCain said before the Senate Armed Services Committe to the General, “While I don’t in any way question your honor, your patriotism or your service to our country, I do question some of the decisions, the judgments you’ve made over the past two and a half years,” McCain said. “During that time things have gotten markedly and progressively worse.” The General was before the committe to get approval for nomination to be Army chief of staff, replacing Gen. Peter Schoomaker. McCain went on to say, “I question seriously the judgment that was employed in your execution of your responsibilities in Iraq,” he said. “And we have paid a very, very heavy price in American blood and treasure because of what is now agreed to by literally everyone as a failed policy.” here! here!
Also in the news, the Democratic National Committee will meet this Friday and Saturday in Washington, and Democratic Presidential hopefuls will get an opportunity to woo the DNC members with speeches.
Alan Cosgrove

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1 Response to Al Gore Nominated For Being Noble, and McCain Blasts A General

  1. Punchy says:

    That silly global warming movie he made is a joke. It’s written for people who have no grasp of science.

    It is silly convincing people that the Earth is getting warmer….no duh!!

    Are we polluting? You bet!!

    Not as bad as in the 70’s when everybody smoked cigarettes, used leaded gas in giant cars, were lit by coal power, littered so bad that Native Americans everywhere were weeping, and Smokey the Bear would chastise us everyday on TV for starting forest fires.

    Al Gore ‘s family got rich mining the mountains of the great state of Tennessee. His “record burning” wife, Tipper, is a symbol of the destruction of the 1st amendment.

    Rolling Stone? Why the hell do we care what they think? I’m amazed Rolling Stone would get behind the very people they demonized in the 80’s for censorship!!

    Peace Prize??

    More like Paaalleeeeezzee Prize. 😉

    Maybe David Duke will get one next for being an “Idealist” like Che Guevara or Adolph Hitler.


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