Al Gore Says He Is Just There For The Movies But Wins an Oscar Instead

Al Gore was at the Oscars tonite to get an Oscar for his documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.” Many speculate that since a billion people will be watching tonite, that he might use the Oscars as a platform to announce that he is running in 08. Al Gore wandered on stage with Leo DiCaprio, and they discussed how green the Oscars had become, with the go green program. DiCaprio tried to egg Gore into announcing something, and he tried , but was drowned out by the music. Gore said, “Well, I do appreciate that, Leo. And I’m kind of surprised that the feeling’s so welling up here — actually, you’ve been very convincing. And even though I honestly had not planned on doing this, I, I guess with a billion people watching, it’s as (theatrical pause) good a time as (sighs) any. So, my fellow Americans, (laughter as he pulls a vertically folded sheaf of papers from the breast pocket of his tux), I’m going to take this opportunity right here and now, to formally announce (music crashes in) my intention – . (Swelling music drowns him out and the two leave the stage to laughter and applause.) Later, when he accepted his award for best feature documantary Al Gore said that Global Warming is not a partisn ior moral ssue and that we need to act now to fix it. I think Al Gore will get drafted for 08 before to much longer.
Here is the trailer for “An Inconvenient Truth;”
Alan Cosgrove

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