Alex Jones Reports On The Bilderberg Meetings

Alex Jones of is reporting on the Bilderberg meetings being held this week in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Jones is calling for protest on June 11, 2011 at high noon at the resort hosting the event. According to Jones, “As the 2011 Bilderberg meeting kicks off in St. Moritz Switzerland, syndicated radio host Alex Jones is calling on all activists worldwide to descend on the site of the secretive confab and stage a massive protest against the criminal elite that have wrecked the global economy, plunged the United States into another unaffordable war in Libya and are now scheming to start yet another war and hike oil prices to levels where Americans will be paying $7 dollars a gallon for gas.
As the Bilderberg group operates behind closed doors and under Chatham House rules, it attracts very little mainstream media attention, despite the fact that hundreds of the worlds most important CEOs, banking elites, politicians and influential media figures annually attend to discuss policy.” In the past USA politicians Barack Obama and John Edwards were guest at a Bilderberg meeting. On his website, Jones indicates that the Bilderberg group would like “to take down national sovereignty, impose drastic austerity measures, hold fire sales on national assets, consolidate wealth and power, and use an endless economic crisis as an excuse to usher in world government, a one-world currency, and a sprawling high-tech police state.” Even though the Bilderberg group is a secretive bunch, they have a website and a list of previous participants.

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