Baptist Say Giuliani Had a Divorce on Steroids And The Conservatives Dirty Little Sanchez

A spokesman for the Southern Baptist said that it would be hard to vote for Giuliani. Richard Land, head of public policy for the Southern Baptist Convention said that voters can tolerate a divorced candidate, but one divorced three times is hard. Land said that Giuliani’s divorce from his second wife was, “divorce on steroids.” Land went on to say, “To publicly humiliate your wife in that way, and your children. That’s rough. I think that’s going to be an awfully hard sell, even if he weren’t pro-choice and pro-gun control.” Giuliani’s campaign had no comment at this time. Land was also asked about McCain’s two marriages, but he said, “It’s a molehill compared to Giuliani’s mountain,” Land said. “When you’re a war hero (like McCain), you have less to prove on the character front.” If Land’s reflects the feelings of other Southern Baptist this could be bad news for Giuliani. Giuliani leads in all the polls. The Southern Baptist are a vocal bunch in the conservative movement that Giuliani is already having trouble with because of his beliefs on social issues. He may be a front runner now, but the true candidate is somewhere in the middle of the pack still. Giuliani has to many negatives, and there are to many videos out there. The conservatives are not excited about any of these folks so far, and the biggest news out of CPAC was Ann Coulter’s foul mouth. Newt Gingrich, who hasn’t even announced yet, got the biggest applause, but he has electability issues. That leaves only Sam Brownback and Duncan Hunter for the true conservatives.
Also on CPAC, Ann Coulter poised for a photograph with one of the right’s newest darlings, Cpl. Matt Sanchez, a USMC reservist. Sanchez recruits for the Marines at Columbia University, which he attends, and has faced harrassment from leftie anti-war hippies, and other students. The right has jumped on his side. He has been on The O’Reilly Factor and Hannity & Colmes, where he was praised for complaining about these students. Here is where it gets good: Before entering the Marines and his Ivy league Schooling, Sanchez was a gay porn star under the name Rod Majors, where he starred in such film classics; Jawbreaker, Glory Holes of Fame 3, Donkey Dick, Patriot Ass, Forever Hold Your Piece 2, Butt Crack Mountain, Tiajuana Toilet Tramps, and many others. You just can’t make this shit up.. Ann, Can you say Dirty Sanchez?
Alan Cosgrove

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