Barack and Hillary Cross Bridges In Selma And Rudy Says Leave Me Alone

On March 7, 1965 600 voter rights marchers where met by police with billy clubs and tear gas on the bridge in Selma Alabama. Now, 42 years later the marchers in Selma are met by a press pool following Barack and Hillary fighting for the black vote. Hillary brought out her big guns, the first “black President”, her husband Bill Clinton. While there Bill got inducted into Selma’s Voting Rights Hall of Fame. Hillary spoke at the First Baptist Church. She also started talking with a strange southern accent, must have been the water. Both candidates seemed to have praise for the other. Hillary said, “It’s excellent that we have a candidate like Barack Obama who embodies what all of you fought for here 42 years ago,” and Obama had this to say about Hillary, she is “doing an excellent job for this country and we’re going to be marching arm-in-arm.” They really didn’t walk hand in hand, but they stopped and chatted for a second before moving back to opposite sides of the street. The biggest applause of the day was reserved for Bill though who said the 2008 campaign has “a rainbow coalition running for president.” Bill even took a minute to give Barack a hug for some picture time. John Edwards spoke about Selma to, but he was on the other side of the country in Berkeley, California.
Rudy Giuliani’s son, Andrew Giuliani says that Rudy would make a better President than he did dad. On Good Morning America Andrew said, “I got my values from my mother. She’s a strong influence in my life. She’s a strong woman. I have problems with my father, but that doesn’t mean he won’t make a good president.” Seems Andrew doesn’t get along with Rudy’s latest wife. Rudy told the press to leave him alone about this type of stuff, saying, “I believe that these problems with blended families, you know, are challenges — sometimes they are,” he said. “The more privacy I can have for my family, the better we are going to be able to deal with all these difficulties.” This all sidetracked Giuliani’s trip to California to meet with sheriffs from Southern California and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Alan Cosgrove

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