Barack Obama Responds To The Declassified National Intellignece Estimate

According to the latest Declassified National Intelligence Estimate “the United States currently is in a heightened threat environment.” This after the Bush administration has spent billions of dollars on his war on terror. According to the report, “the US Homeland will face a persistent and evolving terrorist threat over the next three years.” This threat comes mostly from al-Qa’ida, but also from Lebanese Hizballah, and other non-Muslim radical groups. Barack Obama responded to this report in a press release saying, “This morning’s declassified NIE is a chilling reminder of what we have feared all along. After almost six years, awesome sacrifices by our brave men and women in uniform, and hundreds of billions of dollars spent, we are no safer than we were on 9/11. This is a consequence of waging a misguided war in Iraq that should never have been authorized, and failing to seize the opportunity to do lasting harm to the extremist networks that pose a direct threat to our homeland. It is deeply troubling that more that nearly six years after 9/11, al Qaeda maintains a safe haven, an intact leadership, and the capability to plan further attacks. It is time to act to correct those mistakes, and the first step is to get out of Iraq, because you can’t win a war when you’re on the wrong battlefield.”
Republicans see the report the other way saying it confirms the gains made by the Bush administration. All I know is Osama Bin Laden is still on the loose, and we are stuck in a civil war in Iraq. Just doesn’t make any sense.
Alan Cosgrove

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