Barack Obama The Car Salesman

Barack Obama used a high pressure sales pitch to an Iowa audience today. He told the crowd that his wife says it is now or never. “My wife and I were talking the other day. And she said ‘We’re not doing this again’. And those of you who met her know she doesn’t mince words,” said Obama. “She meant that in eight years, I’m not sure we’ll be the same people we are now.” Obama said his wife Michele told him, “eight years from now we will have lost touch with what ordinary Americans are going through” and that “we’ll be in a different orbit.” “I think when you’re in Washington for a long time you lose touch” and “it becomes harder to relinquish power,” he added. But to prove he hasn’t lost touch yet he assured the crowd that, “my wife still shops at Target.” She makes over 300 thousand a year sitting on the board of directors for a non-profit hospital in Chicago, and he made millions off his books last year, so my guess is they lost touch with normal America long ago. Threatening people like that is not a way to get votes. Sounds like a little child at the playground taking his ball and leaving because the other kids won’t play his way. So if we don’t elect him this time he goes away? That sure blows out of the water the right wing theories that Obama is a stealth Muslim trying to take over America.
Alan Cosgrove

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