Barack Obama’s Big Expensive Day Out

Barack Obama’s inauguration which starts rolling on Saturday will be the most expensive inauguration in history dwarfing the cost of other Presidents. Carole Florman, a spokesperson for the joint congressional committee on inaugural ceremonies, claimed the estimated cost to be about $160 million. In contrast, it cost George W. Bush $42.3 million in 2005, and Bill Clinton $33 million in 1993. The price could go up if it snows, and it is expected to be very cold starting Saturday with a chance of snow. Obama is even encouraging people to throw balls in their own home towns, since it will be very crowded in D.C. during this historic weekend. “Now, you’ve probably heard the reports that unprecedented numbers of Americans are planning to join us in Washington. That will mean long lines, a tough time getting around, and most of all, a lot of walking on what could be a very cold winter day,” Obama said. Included in this costly party, during our economic downturn, will be a train ride starting in Philadelphia which will trace Abraham Lincoln’s famous train journey in which he was smuggled into D.C. because of fears of assassinations. The Obama family will travel through Wilmington where they will pick up Joe Biden and his family, and then on to Washington D.C. On Sunday, January 18th Obama will open a concert in front of The Lincoln Memorial starring Bruce Springsteen, U2, and Beyoncé. There will also be historical readings from Jamie Foxx, Denzel Washington and Queen Latifah. On Monday Obama will celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s day. On Tuesday the grand inauguration with all its balls and millions of people will start. At 12 noon Barack Obama will take the oath of office. This is all going to cost over 4 or 5 times more than it has ever cost before. Yet there has been little outcry over these outrageous cost during our economic times. The bulk of the cost is due to security with a police force of about 10,000 that completely circles the district. Obama has raised about $30 million which will go towards the cost of the balls, and for giant TV’s along the mall so everyone can see. But it will be the American taxpayer that will pay for the bulk of this grand party. Where are all those folks that called Bush’s 2005 inauguration, at only $42 million, “lifestyles of the rich and heartless?”
Alan Cosgrove

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