Bill Clinton to Play Bigger Role In Hillary’s Quest For The White House

The most popular Democratic President since President Kennedy is now helping Hillary Clinton on her quest for the White House. This is of course Bill Clinton. He has shown up occasionally at fund raisers on her behalf, and before the big cash count down last month he made a short video on her behalf to help raise more cash. Now he has a five minute video where he talks about Hillary’s life at public service, and why he considers her to be the best choice to be President in 08. The problem is Bill can also hurt Hillary chances as well as help. He has let her down before, but for different reasons. The previous two Democratic Presidential candidates shied away from Bill because of his negatives. It will also be hard for Bill to play a secondary role, since he was once already the most powerful person in the world. But for him to really help Hillary he has to, and he seems to be doing a good job of staying behind the scenes. The campaign may bring him out more this fall when needed to help Hillary on the stump trail. At this point campaign advisers say Bill is just to busy with his charitable work to be a full time candidate spouse at her side. Instead he is showing up a fund raisers bringing in $100,000 to $200,000 an appearance on her behalf. Bill Clinton made lots of friends during his 8 years as President, and now it is time to cash in on those friendships. The Democrats don’t have a bigger star right now, and he is on Hillary’s side 100%. Here is the video of Bill Clinton telling us why we should vote for Hillary in 08.
Alan Cosgrove

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