Bill Richardson Has A Better Choice On Iraq

Bill Richardson and his crew just finished a video and he wants all Democrats to see it. The four minute video illustrates Richardson’s policy with regard to Iraq, and why his plan is different from everybody else’s plan. According to a letter Richardson sent to supporters, “If you truly support ending the war and bringing home all our troops, Bill Richardson is your only choice.” And if Richardson wins, “America will win. Because we will finally be able to move beyond George Bush’s disaster in Iraq in a way that strengthens our nation, stabilizes the region, and restores our moral leadership in the world.”

Here is Bill Richardson’s video ‘The Choice on Iraq’;

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  1. EEkman says:

    Ron Paul on the republican side supports this as well. Paul also supports a broader change on foreign policy to keep us out of entangling alliances and further enflaming the whole region.

    Im a democrat for Paul.

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