Bill Richardson Has A Plan To Pay Off Student Loans

Bill Richardson has a plan to help college students pay off their student loans. He plans on releasing the details of his plan in a couple of weeks but at a house party he released a couple of the major ideas behind it. As part of the college loan, “we’ll pay them off, if you give your country one year of national service: work in a forest, clean up a forest … work in a hospital, go in the military, go in the Peace Corps, go in Vista,” he said. He suggested loan incentives for people that plan on using their education to help the community. “I want to specifically link amounts and loan structure to national service,” Richardson said. “For two or three of those years, the government will pay off your loans, but you’ve got to give us a year of national service.” Richardson said none of the other candidates are even talking about education. “Nobody talks about education. It’s not at the top of the polls,” Richardson said. “I happen to think this is the most important issue facing our families, economic development and competitiveness.” The education of our youth is the foundation of our future. With the rising cost of education many in the middle class are getting squeezed out. Plans like Richardson’s will try to address this problem.
Alan Cosgrove

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