Bush doesn’t approve of what’s going on in Iraq

    President Bush: “I’m frustrated at times about Iraq because I understand the consequences of failure. I want the Iraqis to succeed for our own sake. This is a war; part of a broader war, and that if we fail in Iraq, there is a better likelihood that the enemy comes and hurts us here. And so, I am frustrated with the progress. If you were to take it and put me in an opinion poll and said do I approve of Iraq, I’d be one of those that said, no, I don’t approve of what’s taking place in Iraq.”  This is President Bush from a recent interview on PBS with Jim Lehrer.  Yet at the same time Bush is going on through with his plan to send an additional 21,000 troops to Iraq.  The Senate and House are expected to vote on this soon as well with talks of caps on troops and US Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) introduced legislation requiring the President to get Congressional approval before sending more troops to Iraq.   There is opposition to this troop build up on both sides of the aisle with at least a dozen Republicans against the “surge”.  Bush is also going against the the will of military leaders, foreign policy experts, and the  American public with this decision.   I don’t see how adding more troops will help a civil war, just make more targets.   And if he doesn’t approve of what’s going on now, I doubt he will like what is coming.  Even though Congress can, and probably will vote against this idea, they can’t stop it.  The money is already in the pipeline, and approved.  The house knows this already, it is just a political show for us the constiuents.  Entering this war was a grave mistake, and getting out will cost pleanty.  We can’t fix these problems with the force, and should stop now.  We enterered this war on false premises, weapons of mass destruction, ect.  And I am sure they will continue this war on more falsehoods.   I feel President Bush doesn’t want out of this war before he leaves office.  That way “losing” this war will be on the next Presidents shoulders.  The only thing Bush is really working on right now is his legacy.  The Right Wing would like to compare him to Lincoln, another President caught up in war, but in reality he is more like Hoover.   At least we all agree on one thing, the majority of us don’t approve of what’s going on in Iraq. 
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