Bush Says The Same Thing Just Changes Iraq to Iran

Is Bush getting us ready for another war? According to White House Press secretary Tony Snow, “This is clearly a case where people are hyping something up. I don’t know how much clearer we can be. We’re not getting ready for war in Iran but what we are doing is protecting our own people.” The US military has pictured evidence which it says shows Iranian military involvement in Iraq. This past weekend the military gave a demostration in the green zone to prove that Iran is indeed providing weapons to the insurgents. There were no cameras allowed, and even cell phones were taken from the reporters before they where allowed to enter. The briefers, three American military officials, refused to give their names when making the presentation. They provided “proof” that the Iranians have been supplying Shiite extremist groups with some of the most powerful weapons in the Iraqi war. These weapons are called explosively formed penetrators or E.F.P.s. They claimed these weapons have been responsible for the deaths of 170 Americans in the last three years. These things have been around for three years, and yet all we have ever heard of until now is I.E.D.’s. The unnamed sources also showed some serial numbers on the E.F.P.’s that they said link the bombs to factories in Iran, yet they really didn’t have any direct evidence to prove this. Also, with out any evidence, the unnamed sources asserted that leaders in Iran had authorized delivery of these weapons into Iraq to be used against Americans. When questioned about the evidence, one of the presenters admitted it was just “an inference”.
That’s an assertion based on an inference, which sounds to me like flimsy proof. Sounds alot like 2003 when the Bush administration talked about Sadamn’s weapon’s of mass destruction which where never found. It is even being reported by some of the same Bush cheerleaders at the New York Times, that beat the drumbeat of war in 2003. Michael R. Gordon, and Judith Miller, the authors of the famous aluminum tube articles in 2003 are now writing front page articles about Iran.
It doesn’t even makes sense, because most of the attacks on US troops are from Sunnis, and they don’t get their weapons from Iran. Iran is run by Shiites, so why would they want to destabalize the US sponsered Shiite government in Iraq, or attack American troops that are trying to protect it? Let us not fall for the same Bush-it we fell for in 2003. As candidate Chris Dodd said on Face The Nation this administration has tried to falsify reports before, “I’m looking at this report with a degree of scepticism,” ….. “I don’t doubt that Iran has been involved to some degree and clearly that’s a problem that needs to be addressed, but I’m getting uneasy that they’re trying to create a premise, set a premise, for some future, broader military action in Iran.”…. “I think that would be a huge mistake at this point,” said Mr Dodd. I agree.
Alan Cosgrove

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2 Responses to Bush Says The Same Thing Just Changes Iraq to Iran

  1. Gary says:

    Love the countdown calander till Bush is out of office.

  2. Punchy says:

    It sounds like the middle east is gearing up for war with civilzation again.

    It reminds me of the Roman conquest of Bavaria and how the savages of the region managed to make Rome have dificult times.

    Eventually, the region got running water and medicine like the rest of Europe.

    Hopefully they’ll stop living on the floor and dressing like Jedi Knights soon like the ones that escaped to America.

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