California Gets Their Liberal Ideas From Rick Perry

The Mitt Romney campaign have released a new ad that claims that California gets their liberal ideas from Rick Perry and his governorship in Texas. According to the ad from, “Where did liberals in California get all their bad ideas? Rick Perry was first to give in-state tuition to illegal immigrants. He approved taxpayer-funded state aid for illegal immigrants attending college. Welcome to California Governor Perry.”

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1 Response to California Gets Their Liberal Ideas From Rick Perry

  1. It is pretty clear state politics today are dominated by the recession and budget shortfall. The only way out is controlled spending which means across the board cuts from education to pensions. In addition the state should cut payroll taxes for newly started business for up to four years. Or some other program to incentivize small business. California has a great entrepreneurial spirit. Government leaders must encourage the flow of investment capital to the state. Rebuilding this sate goes through small business.

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