Campaigns Report Fundraising For Second Quarter

The candidates full reports of fundraising activity from the past quarter was due at midnight on Sunday. The Democrats are pulling in the cash right now with a total of $83 million for the last quarter. A big portion of that went to Barack Obama who reported $33.1 million raised last quarter. Not far behind him was Hillary Clinton who raised $27 this past quarter. So far she is tops in fundraising with $63 million overall, and she is not spending that much either, giving her $42 million in the bank. The other Democratic candidates are far behind with John Edwards bringing in $9.1 million, and Bill Richardson bringing in $7 million. The bottom tier candidates all spent more than they brought in with Chris Dodd raising $3.3 million, and spending $4.4 million. Joe Biden raised $2.5 million and spent all of it. Dennis Kucinich raised under a million dollars. The Republicans raised a total of $58 million. Mitt Romney raised $21 million, but that includes a $6.5 million contribution from himself. Not far behind is Rudy Giuliani who raised $17.6 million last quarter. John McCain reported a disappointing $11.6 million for the last quarter, while he spent $13.1 million during the same period. His bank is running low with only $3.2 million left and $1.8 million in debts. Ron Paul has more in his bank with $2.3 million. Paul runs one of the leanest campaigns, spending less than 1/4 of what he raises. The other Republicans brought in smaller amounts with Tom Tancredo reporting $1.5 million for the last quarter, Sam Brownback raised $1.4 million, and Duncan Hunter and Mike Huckabee both brought in less than a million. Jim Gilmore brought in so little that he decided to drop out of the race this past weekend.
Alan Cosgrove

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