Chris Matthews Calls Top Three Republican Candidates Cult Members

Chris Matthews was discussing the primaries last night and claimed Republicans want to out source the election to a Mormon. He went on to describe the top three republican contenders as “cultist.” “I think religion matters,” Chris Matthews said on the “Ed Show.” “Reverend Al, you, Ed and I know the way that the people in these polls down there say they think the president is a Muslim. I mean, the majority in one of those states thinks he is, the other 30-some percent don’t know. In other words, they don’t know whether he’s lying about his religion, which is a pretty strong indictment right there. So, culturally, they are out to lunch for the president. There not going to vote for President Obama. So who they going get to beat him. That seems to be on their mind’s now, not who they like. They are willing to outsource it to a Mormon.” After insulting the southern voters Matthews then turns to the candidates and their religions. “It seems to me, if they can win. I said it’s almost like calling up India, or somewhere in the third-world to get your computer fixed. You don’t care who is fixing it, just fix the damn computer. They want to get rid of Obama so they’re willing to vote for a guy they don’t like or trust his religion. But they have no choice.” According to Matthews, “they have three, or two RC, Roman Catholics running and a Mormon so the three cultists running. I have to pick one of the three cultists as they see them. This isn’t as funny as I’m making it, but it’s ridiculous to pick a guy they really think is the other, the heretic, the Muslim, what a strangest of religious prejudice is at work here, they pick the guy they don’t like to pick a guy they hate worse.”

But the group at MSNBC weren’t done insulting southerners and the GOP candidates. Chris Matthews, Chuck Todd, Alex Wagner and Howard Fineman talk about the electorate in Alabama and Mississippi on Hardball.

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