Christine Smith Offers An Alternative To Ron Paul

Libertarian candidate Christine Smith has her first campaign video on YouTube and has updated her website The 9 minute video on YouTube is called, ‘Meet Libertarian Candidate For President Christine Smith.’ She wants the troops out of Iraq now, saying “peace delayed is peace denied.” Smith promises to follow the Constitution strictly, and calls for an isolationist foreign policy. One of her first acts as president would be to end the war on drugs, saying it “is another failed policy of the U.S. government.” She would pardoned everyone that has been charged with a “non-violent marijuana offense,” at every level. She is for gay rights saying it is not the government’s right to intrude into our private lives. She wants to shrink the government, because big government is the problem. Smith wants to abolish the I.R.S. calling it a bad idea. Smith talks a lot like Republican candidate Ron Paul, and could be an alternative for him if he doesn’t get the Republican nomination. So if you are for change, and are tired of Democrats and Republicans then give Libertarian candidate Christine Smith a look.
Alan Cosgrove

Here is Christine Smith’s first campaign video;

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  2. Finally a libertarian who figured out Ron Paul is not the threat, he is the opportunity. One, he is unlikely to make it past the primary (fair chance, but not a good chance so far). Those who voted for Ron Paul will either not vote or be looking for an alternative. Ms. Smith makes her case to keep the message going…which is what it is supposed to be about. Not the fear that Ron Paul will steal all the Libertarian Party’s money (Which of course he has…and libertarians are getting a lot more bang for their bucks than they ever got from the Libertarian Party.)

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