Classic Presidential Ads, Bob Dole Says Bill Clinton Is Soft On Drugs 1996

During the 1996 campaign, Bob Dole tries to paint Bill Clinton as a drug abuser for saying, he would try to inhale marijuana if he could, and had a chance to do it again. During an MTV interview the president answered this question, “If you had it to do over again, would you inhale?” President Clinton said, “Sure, if I could. I tried before.” During the 1996 election drugs became a short term hot topic with both candidates claiming the other was soft on drugs. Clinton accused Dole of being soft because he voted against a drug czar. According to one of Clinton’s ads, “Dole voted against even creating the office of a drug czar. President Clinton strengthened school anti-drug programs. Dole/Gingrich tried to slash them fifty percent.” There was also Dole’s “School” ad: “And Bill Clinton? He cut the White House drug office 83 percent. His own surgeon general even considered legalizing drugs.” Since then we have had a President that was an admitted alcoholic, and rumored to have done cocaine in the White House. And our current President has admitted to inhaling quite frequently during his youth all the while experimenting with drugs. He even admits to drugs being sold out of the apartment he was living in during his time at Columbia. Bob Dole spent millions of dollars on an ad blitz for some guy that coughed out one hit of pot. Imagine what he could have done with these last two POTUS’.
Here are three Bob Dole campaign ads all focused on Bill Clinton being soft on drugs;

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