Clinton and Obama Bash Bush On Katrina

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were in Baton Rouge, Louisiana today to speak before the National Conference of Black Mayors. They both used the time to bash President Bush. Clinton said the Bush’s response to hurricane Katrina was a display of “incompetence.” “It is a great injustice that you would deny the resources to your own people, but that shouldn’t surprise us, because many people are invisible to this president,” she said in a morning speech. Obama was later, and they moved his speech into a bigger venue to accommodate the bigger crowd. Obama used his time to criticize Bush’s policies in Iraq. He pointed out that there was a senator from Louisiana that voted the wrong way to help override President Bush’s veto of an Iraq war spending bill that set a timetable for U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq. Obama also criticized President Bush’s policies concerning hurricane Katrina. The Bush administration has said that more than $110 billion has been committed to the Gulf Coast for rebuilding since the 2005 hurricanes. Most of that went to Halliburton and their subcontractors Kellogg, Brown & Root. This is the same bunch that has ripped off America in the Iraq war and failed to take care of our wounded solders when given the job to keep up the Walter Reed VA hospital. It is no wonder the Bush administration response looks like a display incompetence when he keeps hiring Dick Cheney’s con-artist friends with no bid contracts.
Alan Cosgrove

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