Debbie Stabenow Hopes To Profit From Pete Hoekstra Ad

Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow, a Democrat, is hoping to cash in from her political opponents recent campaign ad. Pete Hoekstra is running a campaign ad against her that many on the left feel is racist. That is the most played out card left in the deck, and we really need to redefine that term. Stabenow refers to the ad as, “nasty” and “shocking.” In the ad Hoekstra refers to her as Debbie Spenditnow because of her spendthrift ways with our money. Stabenow is now using this ad to raise money through a “money bomb” which has raised about half as much as Hoekstra has spent airing the ad so far. This looks to be a fun race to watch this political season with Hoeksrta clearly leading in fantasy points so far.

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