Democrats Try to Attrack Union Vote

On Friday three Democratic hopefuls spoke to a members of the Culinary Workers Union, Local 226 in Las Vegas. These are the cocktail waitresses, housekeepers and line cooks that keep Vegas going. This is the state’s largest union. The union invited eight candidates, but only three managed to speak. Hillary Clinton told them she used bus tables and wash dishes. Hillary told the union that, “I respect the people that do the hard work,” she said. “People who make life better for all of us who enjoy the fruits of your labor, I thank you.” Bill Richardson showed up in cowboy boots and jeans, and spoke about the Iraq war, health care, and affordable education. Barack Obama also spoke to the crowd and recalled a time when he walked the picket line with a Culinary sister union in Chicago. Obama told the crowd, “As long as there are folks unemployed we’re going to keep on organizing, as long as there are people being taken advantage of, we’re going to keep on working. … if we keep on working, if we keep on organizing, all the workers across America are going to enjoy the American dream.” A car in the garage, and a chicken in the pot. Chris Dodd was scheduled to appear, but couldn’t because of a Senate vote. Dennis Kucinich showed up late, and didn’t speak. Biden, Gravel and Edwards said they already had commitments, and therefore; declined their invitations.
This big meeting preceded another big Union blow out on Saturday sponsored by the Service Employees International Union where the candidates talked about health care. The sponsors said they invited Republican candidates, but none accepted. The candidates that did show up were Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Richardson, Dodd, Kucinich, and Gravel. They all called for universal health care, the only difference was how to pay for it, and how quick. Edwards assured everyone that he was “definitely in the race for the duration.”
Alan Cosgrove

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