Dennis Kucinich May Have To Run In Another State

Representative Dennis Kucinich, a Democrat from Ohio, may be forced to run for office from another state. Since the census they have changed the district lines in Ohio which may make it hard for Kucinich to keep his current job. “If I don’t have anywhere I can run in Ohio, I have to start thinking about what my options are,” Kucinich said. “I prefer to continue serving the district I’ve served for as long as I have. But that’s not my choice to make in terms of the map.”

Here’s a Fox News report where Kucinich mentions moving from Ohio to Washington state to keep his congressional seat. Ohio lost 2 seats, including the 10th district from which Kucinich searved, after the last census, and Washington will gain one seat. “I intend to run for Congress. I just don’t know yet what district I will be running,” Kucinich said.

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