Senator Dick Lugar Battles Club For Growth

Club For Growth has been running ads in Indiana which takes shots at Senator Dick Lugar (R-IND) for voting repeatedly for increasing debt. According to the ad, “Lugar voted for the Wall Street bailout, the car company bailouts, the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bailout. Back in the 1970s, he even voted to bail out New York City. Now, with 14 trillion in debt, Lugar will soon vote on raising our debt limit even higher.” Lugar has responded with an ad of his own which attacks President Obama. “President Obama needs to understand that for jobs to grow, business must expect to make a profit,” Lugar says. “Instead, he keeps pushing for taxes and regulation. He’s just wrong. For 35 years, I’ve battled for balanced budgets and less government. I’ve helped beat tough times before. And we can do that again. And I hope you’ll agree that a veteran, fighting alongside our new recruits, will help.”
Here is Senator Dick Lugar’s ad ‘The President Doesn’t Understand Job Growth’.

Here is the ad from Club for Growth, ‘Debt’ which motivated Lugar.

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