Duncan Hunter is In, And Wants to Bring Peace Through Strength

U.S. Representative Duncan Hunter (official campaign site) of California announced today he is in the race. He was elected into Congress in 1980, the same year that Reagan became the President. He has stood by those same Reagan conservative principles, and calls himself the most conservative candidate running. Hunter believes strongly in the principle of Peace through Strength. Being from California he is also a big fan of Border Enforcement, ” I believe in providing Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement corps with sufficient strength to secure our borders and providing for interior enforcement throughout the country because it is imperative in our fight to protect Americans. To not do so can only be characterized as irresponsible.” He would lke to build fences all along the border to protect us from Mexicans, and illegal aliens. Hunter was a Army Ranger in Vietnam, and his son has spent a couple of 7 month tours in Iraq.
Alan Cosgrove

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