Failed Promises, Promises Kept

President Obama’s campaign team have released an ad featuring candidate Obama’s victory speech from the 2008 Iowa caucus. Within his speech candidate Obama made several promises, “I’ll be a President who finally makes health care affordable and available to every single American… I’ll be a President who ends tax breaks for companies who ship our jobs overseas and put a middle class tax cut into the pockets of working Americans who deserve…I’ll be a President who harnesses ingenuity farmers, scientists, and entrepreneurs to free this nation from the tyranny of oil once and for all… and I’ll be a president who ends this war in Iraq and finally brings our troops home.” President Obama says he has come through on these promises, including four specifically.
– Passed the Affordable Care Act to make health care more affordable for more than 30 million Americans.
– Cut taxes for 95% of working families and closed corporate tax loopholes that – were sending profits overseas.
– Put in place historic fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks to lower costs at the pump and reduce dependence on foreign oil.
– Ended the war in Iraq.

The Republicans have responded on the same day with a campaign ad called “Failed Promises” using the same Obama victory speech from 4 years ago. They have release a whole research briefing full of failed promises from that speech. According to the Republicans, Obama has failed on jobs, failed on housing, failed on spending and deficits, failed on debt, and failed on a whole list of stuff.

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