Fantasy Politics And Presidential Candidates With A Presidential Idol

Fantasy Politics 2008 The Game is celebrating one year in business this month. We have combined fantasy sports with this presidential political campaign. We started the first fantasy game that involves all the presidential candidates January 20th 2007 with about 40 presidential aspirants. Now we have over 50 possible presidential candidates, and have awarded 1000’s of points. We have 100’s players from all over the world playing, but have room for more. You get to pick four candidates from a list of over 50, and earn points when they do something newsworthy. Candidates can also get points for appearing on your favorite news programs, or for earning votes in primaries or caucuses. We even allow you suggest points for candidates. It’s fun, educational, and free. You can find Fantasy Politics 2008 the game at Fantasy Politics USA, your complete source for Presidential politics. We have news, videos, a complete candidate source guide, and more. We are also the home of Presidential Idol. In November, with your help, we will pick the first Presidential Idol. You can vote once a day for any candidate that is still on the list. At the end of each month we kick off the one the least votes and start fresh again. Ron Paul has won Presidential Idol every month so far, and is winning again this month, but is feeling the heat of popular candidates Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Mike Huckabee. Right now Fred Thompson and Joe Biden could use your vote. Come on by and have some fun, and wish us a happy birthday at Fantasy Politics USA.
Alan Cosgrove

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