Fire Fighters Pick Chris Dodd

Calling Chris Dodd a Senator, Solider, and a Patriot, the International Alliance of Fire Fighters (IAFF) have announced that they endorse Chris Dodd for the next President of the United State. According to the IAFF website Fire Fighters back those that support them. That clearly leaves Rudy Giuliani out of the mix. On the IAFF web site it says, “We have a core political philosophy on which all of our political work hinges. We will support those who support us.” Then it ads that Dodd, “really stood head and shoulders above the rest when it came to support for fire fighters, for protecting our country and on issues that are important to our economy, our families and their quality of life.” In an interview IAFF union President, Harold Schaitberger said, “He’s done more than vote right and be supportive — he’s really carried our water and been proactive on our behalf. And the other reason is that I really think he has the experience. Our board gave a lot of thought to this. He has the experience and the strength to lead this country in what we know is going to be tough times.” IAFF mentioned two bills that Dodd wrote as influential in their decision to pick him. The FIRE (Fire Investment and Response Enhancement) and SAFER (Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response) acts, both of which have been responsible for supplying important federal funds to fire fighters across the country. The IAFF is the largest fire fighters union in the country and supports candidates from both parties. In an interview Dodd said he was “deeply grateful” for the endorsement. “They know how to win elections, and they’ll put lots of boots on the ground. This is an important election, and they know it,” Dodd said. “They’ve made it clear it would be about the future… who could win the election, fight for middle class, and bring people together to get the job done.”
Alan Cosgrove

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