Fred Karger Denied Entrance Into CNN/Tea Party Debate

Fred Karger was not allowed to participate in the CNN/Tea Party debate last night in Tampa, Florida. I spotted photos of Karger at the backstage security entrances telling security not to allow Karger inside the event. So he could not watch the event live or even go into the spin room to spin his case. All this despite the fact that Karger often polls higher than some of the other debate participants.
Karger fought back by airing an ad in the Tampa market on CNN during the debate. In a letter to supporters Karger said, “I was hoping to be on that stage to talk about my ideas to turn this country around like my old boss Ronald Reagan did, but again I was not invited to join my fellow candidates for President to debate the issues. So instead, we will be running our latest commercial, ‘Tyrannosaurus Rex’, where I take on the world’s largest oil company Exxon Mobil and its CEO, Rex Tillerson during tonight’s debate. We have purchased commercial time in the Tampa market to run this hard-hitting 30 second spot produced by our filmmaker, John Keitel.” Karger added, “My fellow candidates for President will undoubtedly go after each other again tonight, and attack President Obama at every turn. If I were in the debate, I would talk about bringing back the American spirit and putting our country first, not my political career.”

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