Fred Karger Challenges Bachmann To A Gay Debate

Fred Karger, who refers to himself as “the first out gay candidate for president,” has challenged Michele Bachmann’s husband to a debate. Karger sent an email to Marcus Bachmann asking for the debate;

“Marcus Bachmann you are convinced that someone can “pray away the gay” and actually own two clinics in Minnesota where you and your 27 therapists actually practice this falsehood. Just last year you referred to gays and lesbian teenagers as “Barbarians, who need to be educated.”

Michele links the acceptance of gays and lesbians to Satan.

There is no place for this type of hate-speak and 19th Century thinking in the current presidential campaign. Michele and you refuse to comment about your past statements and beliefs. America needs to hear directly about where both of you stand on this issue which affects millions of lives.

Marcus Bachmann come out of the closet and debate me.

I will meet you anywhere, any place at any time, even at one of your clinics in Minnesota.

As the first out gay candidate for president, I have first-hand knowledge about a subject which you claim expertise. Let me know if you accept this challenge.”

Fred Karger

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