Fred Thompson Airs New T.V. Ads

Fred Thompson has started today to air new T.V. ads. They will show statewide in Iowa and will play nationally on Fox News. The ad highlights his consistent conservatism. “In eight years in the United States Senate, I fought for tax cuts, and for conservative judges,” Thompson says in the ad. “And I’m proud to have had a 100 percent pro-life voting record.” His lobbying credentials are not included of course. “Common sense conservative principles,” Thompson says. “If we stick to those basic principles, we’ll win next November and the United States of America will be better for it.”

Here is Fred Thompson’s new ad ‘Consistent Conservatism’;

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1 Response to Fred Thompson Airs New T.V. Ads

  1. Tim says:

    Highly polished, highly scripted, highly FAKE.

    Perfect for Fred Thompson and his Red Pickup that he has his limo drop him off and pick him up from.

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