Fred Thompson Says He Received Good Medical Treatment

Fred Thompson says he has cancer, but is still healthy enough to run for President if he so decides to. He has a type of lymphoma that is very slow-growing and probably not life-threatening, and is in remission. “I know it’s not a big deal, as far as my health is concerned, as much as a person can know about things like that,” Thompson said. “But other people have the right to look at it and weigh in, and I have a need to factor that into my decision in terms of the reaction that I get about it,” he said. He said he would decide if he is entering the race in the next couple of days or weeks. Thompson was on Sean Hannity today and he criticized Pelosi for her trips abroad, and the Democrats for their vote on Iraq. Thompson also praised the medical system we have in America, saying the treatment he has received is far superior than anything he would have received with socialized medicine. I’m sure most millionaires like Thompson receive some really good medical attention, to bad millions of others in America don’t get anything close to that. He and Sean got along really good, and Thompson is comfortable talking to the masses. If trends continue he could be the first one voted off of Presidential Idol.

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    FRED and GUILI!!

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