Fred Thompson Will Send A Thirty Second Ad To Republican Debate

Fred Thompson has announced that he will run an ad during the Republican debate on Wednesday instead of actually participating in it. He also plans on being on the Jay Leno Show that night right after the debate. Then at midnight he will post his 15 minute video on his website announcing that he is running for President in 08. “We think one of the strongest weapons this campaign has is Fred Thompson’s ability to connect directly with the public,” said Thompson’s campaign. “We want to drive as much traffic as possible to the Web site.” The next day Thompson will make his first campaign stop after officially entering the race. Thompson skipping the debate has caused quite a stir in New Hampshire. The Union Leader has been very critical of Thompson’s decision to skip the debate. Mitt Romney’s campaign also got a few digs in on Thompson saying, “Tomorrow night is an opportunity to spend an hour and half with New Hampshire voters and talk to them about issues that are important to them. Contrast that with 30 seconds in a paid ad.” Thompson’s style of campaigning is nontraditional so far, or as some have called it, “lazy.” He has been able to stay away from the hard questions, and he is still allowed to say anything without rebuttal. Testing the water is over, and now it is time to jump in. Thompson will sink like lead if he doesn’t change a few things.
Alan Cosgrove

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