Gary Johnson Says He Is At 11% In The Polls With 0 Media Exposure

Monmouth University releases poll showing two-term Governor Gary Johnson at 11% against Clinton and Trump. Gov. Johnson is seeking the Libertarian nomination. Libertarian party candidate will be on the ballot in all 50 states and will be a third choice in 2016.
Gary Johnson For President website

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1 Response to Gary Johnson Says He Is At 11% In The Polls With 0 Media Exposure

  1. Radar says:

    When “both” parties are detached from the real world in which their constituents live in and the common people feel disenfranchised it should be clear that the time has come for a true leader of the people to arrive. This year can be the people’s best chance for a true ideology choice since Ross Perot in 1992. Allowing a third party into the debates will allow topics to be discussed that “both” parties are uncomfortable to bring to the mainstream media. A possibility at transparency and accountability.

    Jesse Ventura summed it well when he said, Republicans are known for being fiscally conservative and socially conservative. Democrats are known for being fiscally liberal and socially liberal.

    So what happens if you are fiscally conservative and socially liberal?

    In this video, Jesse Ventura discusses third party candidates in the US presidential elections and how it allows for those fiscally conservative and socially liberal to have a voice when neither party is paying attention to what the shrinking middle class truly wants.

    What if a candidate were to suggest we abolish the minimum wage and institute a “living wage” that would be 25% of the total yearly wage of your US Senators.

    What!? You say that would put company’s out of business!? Well than lower the Senators wages until the living wage is suitable for commerce and start there. Be creative. If Senators quit because of the pay-cut than good! I am sure that there are many qualified and unemployed candidates out there hungry to make 4 times the living wage for a few years. If you do not believe me place an ad for an MBA graduate or visit your local University senior class.

    There are always more than just two solutions to every problem. Some of the greatest ideas are locked up for years until one day of enlightenment advances all significantly.

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