Gingrich Has A Plan For 2 Dollar A Gallon Gas Again

Newt Gingrich was on with Greta Van Susteren last night talking about the campaign. Despite his poor showings lately he feels he still has a good chance, and he does have a plan. One of his plans would be to get some of Santorum’s supporters after Mitt Romney starts in with his negative ads. Gingrich says his, “prediction is that if Mitt Romney goes and attacks Santorum as negatively as he attacked me in Florida and elsewhere, that what you’re going to see is he’ll peel votes off Santorum, but they’re going to come to me. They’re not going to go to Romney. This is the challenge Governor Romney has, is he — he really has sort of a three-part contest. He has, you know, Congressman Ron Paul, who’s done very, very well in Maine, virtually tied him. He has Rick Santorum, who did very well last week. And I’ve done pretty well against him in — I came in second in Florida and in Nevada. And I came in first in South Carolina. And at some point, it’s going to sink in to people, if all Governor Romney has is negative campaigning, where’s his positive message?” Gingrich also offers his plan to bring the price of gas down to $2 a gallon again. He would start by opening up the Keystone pipeline immediately. He feels he is offering the people a positive leadership choice over Romney’s negative ads. He says the “people want positive, issue-orientated leadership. They don’t just want somebody with a deep pocket of Wall Street money running negative ads.”

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