GOP Weekly Address 4/24/2010

In the Weekly Republican Address, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison warns about Democrats’ financial regulation bill not stopping future bailouts.

Sen. Hutchison says, “Republicans are working to ensure the bill would forbid any future bailouts of Wall Street banks…. The Democrats pushed a bill through the Senate Banking Committee that does not stop future bailouts. Republicans have been attacked for speaking out against it and asking for bipartisan negotiations before allowing the bill to be debated on the Senate floor. But to be clear, we will stand firm against a partisan bill that exposes ordinary taxpayers to future bailouts or favors big companies over community banks across America. The tactics the Democratic leadership used to pass the health care bill must not be repeated.”

She adds, “The fact is a growing number of experts on both sides of the ideological spectrum are coming to see what Republicans have been saying all along: the Financial Regulation Bill contains serious flaws. We believe this bill can be fixed, with a sincere bipartisan solution.”

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