GOP Weekly Address 4/28/2012 The President Is In Campaign Mode Intent On Dividing Americans

Representative and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (WIS-R) gave the GOP weekly address this week and spoke about the House Republican Budget, The Path to Prosperity. According to Ryan, “the United States Senate, which is controlled by the president’s own party, announced they would not advance a budget for the third year in a row. Tomorrow, in fact, will mark three years to the day since the Senate last fulfilled this basic governing responsibility.” He said, “the President and his party leaders are now insisting that Washington take trillions of dollars from hardworking Americans in an effort to lock in ever-higher government spending. If we’ve learned anything over the last three years, it’s that this approach won’t work.” According to Ryan, “there’s a better way forward: a budget, recently passed by the House of Representatives, that would lift the debt and free the nation from the constraints of ever-expanding government.” Ryan explains that “if enacted, this budget would promote economic growth and opportunity starting today, with bold reforms to the tax code and a credible, principled plan to prevent a debt crisis from ever happening. It would support safe, responsible energy exploration here at home to address high gas prices and it would repeal the president’s health care law, which is making it harder for businesses to hire new workers.” But he complains that “the president is hunkered down in campaign mode, and seems intent on dividing Americans for political gain instead of offering credible solutions to our most pressing fiscal and economic challenges. And his party leaders in the Senate? They’re about to go another year without a budget.”

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