GOP Weekly Address 4/5/2014 Senator Tim Scott Talks About Job Creation

In the Weekly Republican Address, Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina talks about what he describes as the most important issue facing our nation today — job creation. Scott discusses legislation he’s introduced that would consolidate duplicate federal workforce training programs and help the unemployed and underemployed learn new job skills. “Unfortunately, Senate Democrats, for reasons I can only imagine are political, blocked its passage this week. Simply put, the American people deserve better than that — a modern, efficient workforce development system is essential to our future,” Scott says.

So let’s tackle this problem head on. A more responsive and efficient system will ensure our workforce competes and wins in the 21st century. Less bureaucracy means more resources helping those in need, rather than getting caught up in the quagmire pit of red tape and regulation that big government creates.

“Instead of having 35 separate federal workforce training programs with expensive overhead and administrative costs, let’s simplify them into one flexible Workforce Investment Fund.

“Instead of throwing billions of dollars each year at these programs with no measurable end results, let’s give states and localities the flexibility they need to develop targeted plans to help low-income families, young folks, those with disabilities and of course the unemployed, the long-term unemployed and the underemployed.

“And instead of watching 4 million jobs sit empty, let’s make sure those who want to work are learning the skills they need to succeed.

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