GOP Weekly Address 5/17/2014 John McCain We Are Not Taking Care Of Our Veterans

In the Republican Weekly Address, Sen. John McCain of Arizona raises concerns with the Obama Administration’s response to recent allegations of gross mismanagement, fraud and neglect at a growing number of Veterans Administration medical centers across the country. “It’s been more than a month since allegations that some 40 veterans died while waiting for care at the Phoenix VA were first made public,” says Sen. McCain. “To date, the Obama Administration has failed to respond in an effective manner. This has created in our veterans’ community a crisis of confidence toward the VA — the very agency that was established to care for them. “Our veterans gave us their best. But it’s obvious that too often they’ve gotten the worst from those charged with their care. Our country doesn’t depend on the heroism of every citizen. But we must be worthy of the sacrifices that are made on our behalf. How we care for those who risked everything for us is the most important test of a nation’s character. Today, we are failing that test. We must do better tomorrow – much better.”

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