GOP Weekly Address 7/28/2012 We Need To Prevent Taxmageddon on January 1, 2013

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch delivers the Weekly Republican Address on the need to prevent Taxmageddon on January 1, 2013, explaining: “In just over five months, middle-class families, job creators and seniors will get hit with a massive tax hike unless the President and Congress act. This would mean that taxes would go up on virtually every single taxpaying American.” Senator Hatch continues, “Unfortunately, Washington Democrats’ default position appears to be to let everyone’s taxes skyrocket, if Congress doesn’t agree to their plan to raise taxes on one of the most productive segments of our economy. The group charged with representing small businesses found that 25 percent of our workforce is employed by those very small businesses that would be hit by the President’s proposed tax hikes.” Finally he concludes, “This isn’t the time for political games and vilifying job creators. The President and his Washington allies need to stop holding America’s economy hostage in order to raise taxes on those trying to lead our economic recovery. Let’s roll up our sleeves to ensure that America remains the leader we know it to be.”

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